Gravy Train Dog Food

Gravy Train Dog Food is 100% completely nutritious for your pet.

Gravy Train Dog Food Gravy Train Dog Food Gravy Train Dog Food

Gravy Train Dog Food


Gravy Train, dog food, was first developed by General Foods in America. This was the first commercial brand of food for dogs to have been produced; only needing warm water to be added to the kibble to produce gravy. Today, the food is available in in many of the grocery stores and is also a brand of the Del Monte Company. 

The food is inexpensive and has become very popular given that the gravy taste produces a great taste for the dogs.  It contains a great deal of ingredients, which provide plenty of nutritional values to the pet. Some of the ingredients contained in Gravy Train Dog Food include;

cellulose gum,
vitamin A supplements,
beef and bone meal,
soybean meal,
thiamin mononitrate, and
dried beef stock among many others,

Although it is one of the dog foods that have been there for a long time, it has been criticized for being low quality since it majorly contains fillers and corn. The dyes added to it (red, yellow and blue) have also been said to cause allergies by some of the buyers.

Despite this claims, Gravy Train Dog Food has been shown to be 100% completely nutritious. Moreover, It meets the AAAFCO standards for the best life available being one of the oldest and most trusted dry foods for dogs.

It also comes with instructions for feeding the dog, which depends on the weight and activity of the animal.

Weight of the animal                                  daily recommended amount
5- 10 lb.                                                           3/4- 1-1/4 cups
10- 20 lb.                                                         1-1/4 - two cups
20- 50 lb.                                                         Two- three and a half cups
50- 100 lb.                                                       three and a half - 5-3/4 cup
Above 100lb                           half a cup in addition to each 10lb of the body weight over 100lb

The savory gravy texture offered from the food can be served either dry or wet by adding some warm water. The taste is great either way and this is attributed to the gravy.

Where as some of the gravy foods produced come with beef flavor, some of them including Gravy Train canned dog Food are made with real meat, which is in chunks or ground with gravy. Some may also contain bacon or chicken thus providing sufficient amounts of nutrition to the pet. The food is great for both dogs and puppies at a low price.

As an instant food for the dog pets, the pros of Gravy Train Dog Food lies in the fact that high quality dog food is available at an affordable price. Generally, gravy train food may contain one type of meat or another depending on the type a given customer would want for their dog pet. These include;


These foods are meant to benefit the pet in a number of ways including;

to help the dog in maintaining a glossy cost,
build and maintain  better body muscles and tissues,
they are great for efficient digestion,
they help in maintaining stronger teeth and bones