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What Human Food Can Dogs Eat What Human Food Can Dogs Eat What Human Food Can Dogs Eat

What Human Food Can Dogs Eat

Because you have a dog, you are bound to ask the question,"what human food can dogs eat?" When those soulful eyes look up at you, that tail wags so hopefully, you so badly want to give her a treat to show her you love her, and to see her enjoy the coveted "people food." Read this article to get a good understanding of what you eat that you can feed your dog.
People Food Your Dog Can Have
People food...the holy grail for a dog. What is it about our food that our dogs so love? Is it just the food, or is it that it is ours too? Whatever the reasons, our doggies would rather eat with us than have dog food any time. So what human food can dogs eat?
Cesar Milan, the world famous "dog whisperer," has written about this very subject, knowing how much we love to slip our dogs a treat. Here are some of the foods Cesar says are fine for your dog.
1. Peanut butter. Who can resist the fun of dogs and peanut butter? And they love it as much as we love watching them go crazy for it. Just be sure it is raw, natural peanut butter and not loaded with salt and saturated fats. Natural peanut butter is high in protein, and heart healthy fats - good for you and your dog too.
2. Yogurt. Choose whole milk yogurts with active cultures, and without sugars, sweeteners, grapes, chocolate, or raisins. Yogurt provide calcium, protein, and live cultures, excellent for your dog's digestive system.
3. Cheese. Was there a dog ever born that didn't adore cheese? Choose low fat, natural cheeses, including cottage cheese. Avoid American or processed cheese. Give in small amounts. Watch for reactions like diarrhea, which indicate your dog might be of the small percentage that are lactose intolerant.
4. Eggs. Soft scramble an egg for your dog to give him selenium and riboflavin.
5. Oatmeal. Share a little breakfast with your dog. Don't give her instant oatmeal with sugar and additives, but real oatmeal you cook up yourself. You can flavor it with a little yogurt. It is tolerated by dogs who are allergic to wheat, and is a wonderful source of soluble fiber.
6. Pumpkin. Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A. It helps constipation, and the digestive system, and is an excellent source of fiber. Use only plain pumpkin. Don't mistake it for the pumpkin pie preparation.
7. Green beans. Use canned beans with no salt. Feed like treats. They love these!
8. Baby carrots. Sweet, high in fiber, vitamin A and beta carotene. Crunching them up is good for their teeth.
9. Canned salmon or mackerel, low in salt. Be sure to add the oil to their bowl. Excellent for their coats, high in protein and Omega 3's. A wonderful change from their regular meals. Also feed them your leftover fish skins.
Your dog will love you for taking the time to answer the question, "What human food can dogs eat."